Why Repipe, When you can ePIPE!

ePIPE provides a solution for plumbing system failures such as pinhole leaks and slab leaks, corrosion control, low water flow, and lead/copper contaminants. 

ePIPE is an affordable, effective, and less disruptive alternative to an ordinary re-pipe. The patented ePIPE process is minimally invasive, and restores your pipes in-place.

With our 2 hour return to service, in most cases your water will be back on THE SAME DAY!

For fast and affordable repiping or pinhole and slab leak detection and repair solutions, contact our pipe restoration and repair company today at 800-359-6369



Have never experienced the "concern for personal property" as exhibited by your employees. All have an excellent work ethic and seemingly hold themselves accountable for the work performed. It is refreshing to see people actually practice customer satisfaction.
Bill N., Huntington Beach

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