Works on:

  • Copper
  • Galvanized
  • PEX
  • Lead

Engineered to last up to 60 years

This innovative three step process saves time and money while preventing future problems. With our unique three step process your pipes are heated and air dried, sand blasted clean, and finally our barrier coating is applied.

Get my pipes protected
pipe with pinhole leak
  • Leak
  • Slab Leaks Protection
  • Pinhole Leaks Protection

Safer, cleaner
drinking water

ePIPE® is also engineered to keep you and your family's water safe from the harmful toxins: lead and copper. With the ePIPE piping you can enjoy safer, cleaner, better tasting drinking water.

Get my pipes protected
epoxy pipe lining
  • Corrosion
  • Lead leaching Protection
  • Copper leaching Protection

Easy, Fast, Quiet Installation

ePIPE® is able to stop hard to find pinhole leaks while avoiding high reconstruction costs of tearing into walls to find the problem. Not to mention, this is a quiet process that causes minimal disruption. ePIPE® can be installed in less time than a conventional repipe.

  • Ultra Fast Installation
  • Convenient Installation
  • slab leak review
  • I thought ePIPE® was very professional, gave me good advice the crew were efficient and friendly.

    Carol D
  • epoxy lining review
  • Another company did everything possible to find the leak with no success, they recommended ePIPE®.

    Denis Hurwitz
  • epoxy repipe review
  • You’ll be relieved not to have to worry about leaks any more!

    Ellen S.

Control your property like a pro!

ePIPE®'s process is less disruptive and more cost effective than a repipe that requires opening up walls. With the ePIPE process you get superior leak protection that lasts up to 60 years!

Get my pipes protected