About ePipe

The development of the patented ePIPE process goes back to the 1990's with a vision of developing and commercializing a positive friendly solution to pipe corrosion, leaks and lead pipe remediation using technology to restore pipes "in-place".  ePIPE is an alternative to conventional re-piping that limits digging, cutting into walls, floors, ceilings and foundations to replace or repair pipes.

Based on proven barrier coating principles used by water utilities, ePIPE is focused on in-place restoration of small diameter pipes. Pipes like you find bringing water to and servicing your home, which can be as small as 12mm (1/2") in diameter.

Through an international network of company owned and licensed applicators, ePIPE is installed in homes, hotels, hospitals and schools, providing protection against low water flow, corrosion, slab leaks, pinhole leaks and lead contact.

ePIPE prevents the leaching of harmful metals and contaminants, such as lead, from entering into your drinking water. ePIPE products are engineered to exceed EU and North American standards.

ePIPE has been chosen as the modern re-piping alternative for pipe restoration and pipe repair by thousands of building owners and by the world's leaders in the plumbing industry. Industry leaders, such as ACE DuraFlo Systems in the USA, Spain, Finland, Belgium, Pipe Restoration Services in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Mr. Rooter, Rotor Rooter, American Leak Detection, and Ben Franklin Plumbing are among those who have teamed up and added ePIPE services.

Our ePIPE team is committed to the development of long term relationships. This is why we focus on superior service and consistently provide it with courtesy and respect. We feel that honest and professional business practices are essential to quality customer relations. We respond quickly to our customer's needs, especially when leaky pipes, rusty water and lead and copper contamination are involved and pipe repair, slab leak repair and epoxy pipe restoration is needed.  ePIPE's patented technology offers  the best in proactive water leak and contamination prevention. ePIPE is protected by US Patents #7160574, #7517409, #7858149, #8033242, #8206783, #8343579, #8354140, #8399813, #8524320, #8696823, #8795768, #8887660, #8895905, #9273815, #9352357, and #9446429, Canadian Patent #2707023, European Patent #2099851 with multiple international patents pending.  As an alternative to complete pipe replacement, the ePIPE system is based on "in-place" pipe restoration technology.

We invite you to explore our web site to learn more about ePIPE, the epoxy pipe repair process, pipe repair projects, approvals and benefits of using us for your piping problems like corrosion, pinhole and slab leak detection, prevention and repair.