ePIPE welcomes our two newest licensees, Black Plumbing and Honolulu Leak Detection!

Black Plumbing - Abilene, TX

Family owned and operated for more than 22 years by Darrin Black, Black Plumbing offers a variety of plumbing, leak detection and trenchless services in the Big Country region of Texas.

Darrin was looking to grow his business to provide an effective solution for pinhole leaks, corrosion control and prevention of lead leaching from potable water pipes. "The opportunity to take on ePIPE opens up so many more doors for us to explore", stated Darrin. "It gives us another tool in our toolbox. We are now able to provide safe drinking water without disruption to the system."

The addition of Black Plumbing makes them the 9th ePIPE installer in the state of Texas. ePIPE welcomes our two newest licensees, Black Plumbing and Honolulu Leak Detection! ePIPE installers are also located in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, San Angelo, McAllen and Abilene. For more information about Black Plumbing, call 325-675-8391 or visit www.blackplumbing.com


Honolulu Leak Detection - Aiea, Hawaii

Matt Henderson, owner of Honolulu Leak Detection, has been in the plumbing industry since 2002. Matt realized that the traditional repairs he was performing for pinhole leaks were messy, destructive and only a temporary fix. The patented ePIPE solution was less invasive, less expensive and more permanent solution. "With ePIPE, there is less destruction, and it saves my customers from the mess and money they would have spent with a traditional repair,"
says Matt.

In addition, Matt is teaming up with our other ePIPE installer in Hawaii, Pattillo Plumbing, so they can assist each other and serve the Hawaii market together.

For more information about Honolulu Leak Detection, visit www.plumberhonolulu.com or call 808-783-5916.

Welcome to the ePIPE family!!