Lead Plumbing Leaching into Water, Leaks are a Thing of the Past. ePIPE®'s LeadSmart™ Team Wins 16th US Patent

LAS VEGAS, NV - SEPTEMBER 20, 2016 - Pipe Restoration Technologies, LLC, (PRT) makers of the ePIPE, Lead-Free Leak-Free™ product line, announced today that its LeadSmartTM team has been granted its 16th U.S. patent, #9446429, for methods developed that address adhesion and cleaning standards in the installation of leak sealant barrier coatings used in the patented ePIPE pipe lining process.

A Solution to Lead Leaching

ePIPE is effective at reducing dangerous lead leaching levels from plumbing systems to below the World Health Orginization's (WHO) 10 µg/l (10ppb) recommended level.

“We are providing solutions in response to real time issues like lead leaching and water loss from water piping systems,” Pipe Restoration Technologies, LLC, CEO Larry Gillanders said.  “ePIPE applicators save time and money and our customers enjoy the benefits of minimal down time using our products, with many properties being restored in less than a day.”

This patent ties into PRT’s ability to efficiently provide a protective barrier coating to the inside of pipes bringing lead leaching into compliance while the pipes remain in-place. 

ePIPE is approved by NSF for an immediate return to service in as little as 90 minutes. ePIPE provides one of the fastest return to service epoxy lining products in the world, designed for protecting drinking water pipes from leaks, lead and copper leaching, among many other common problems.

Pipes from 1/2'' up to 6'' are treatable using the patented ePIPE LeadSmart system and materials. ePIPE is used to rehabilitate potable water lines, including lead service lines, natural gas lines, HVAC, drains and fire sprinkler systems in homes, apartments, high-rise hotel/resorts, office towers, high-rise apartments, condominiums and schools without the disadvantages of traditional pipe replacement projects.

About Pipe Restoration Technologies, LLC:
PRT is the parent company of the ePIPE product and worldwide group of installers that utilize the patented ePIPE process to restore pipes in-place. An alternative to a destructive repipe, this process is achieved using an application of an epoxy barrier coating, which results in a restored, epoxy lined piping system. The process provides a solution for pinhole leaks, epoxy lining, corrosion control and prevention of lead leaching from pipes without the destruction or disruption encountered by pipe replacements. PRT and its affiliated LeadSmart Service Providers have locations throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, Mexico and Hong Kong. For more information, contact PRT at or (888) 775-0220.