Works on:

  • Copper
  • Galvanized
  • PEX
  • Lead

Designed to keep leaks away

Corrosion is the main cause of leaks in pipes. ePIPE process blasts corrosion off existing pipes, and installs its anti-corrosion lining that is designed to keep leaks away many years longer than a repipe.

Get my pipes protected
hoa leaky plumbing
  • Leak
  • Slab Leaks Protection
  • Pinhole Leaks Protection

Meet EPA lead compliance in less time

ePIPE tests and protects at risks plumbing systems and water service lines from harmful lead levels. Once compliance is met, ePIPE will certify your property LeadSmart. Passing compliance never felt so good..

Get my pipes protected
government repipe plumbing
  • Safer
  • Lead leaching Protection
  • Copper leaching Protection

Minimize project time

Turnaround times are much faster than replacement by requiring little to no digging. Move from one property to the next faster. Less time, less stress, with ePIPE meeting deadlines has never been easier.

  • Ultra Fast
  • Minmally
government repipe project managment

Experienced & Efficient Project Management

Have 20 years of excellence in your corner with ePIPE's excellent track record in managing government contract projects. Our technicians are certified and get the job done right.

Get my pipes protected