Works on:

  • Copper
  • Galvanized
  • PEX
  • Lead

Don't let leaks become a constant hassle

Your maintenance team will thank you when you install the exceedingly fast ePipe. All of which can be completed within the same night*, with your water back on in no time.

Get my pipes protected
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  • Leak
  • Slab Leaks Protection
  • Pinhole Leaks Protection

Create a happier, safer community for your residents

With ePipe anti-corrosion, lead and leak barriers you can put your worries behind you and rest assured ePipe’s superior protection will keep your community’s pipes safe for years to come.Your residents can rest easy knowing ePipe will ensure EPA compliance that protects from elevated lead and copper levels in your drinking water.

Get my pipes protected
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  • Safer
  • Lead leaching Protection
  • Copper leaching Protection

Don't let plumbing problems inconvenience your residents

ePipe’s accelerated installation process can be installed on multiple floors with minimal disruption to residents. Since ePipe typically doesn't require opening walls, we'll have your water back on within the same night*.

  • Super Fast
  • Easy on Residents
hoa repipe project managment

Community Project Management Excellence

You and your residents can trust our highly-experienced team of professionals to get the job done right and fast.

Get my pipes protected