ePIPE Saves Condo Complex Hundreds of Thousand of Dollars Per Year

The Problem:
A Homeowners Association of 222 homes was experiencing pinhole leaks in the plumbing systems. The community built in 1990 was spending in excess of $250,000 a year chasing leaks and the damage associated with the leaks.

The community members were fed up and frustrated. They demanded a solution that would stop the problem for good. They looked at the repipe option, but said NO as they were not interested in the mess, destruction, cost and long time lines.

The Solution:
The solution they chose was ePIPE, a patented in-place pipe restoration service combined with a capital improvement financing program. The complete cost of the ePIPE restoration program was amortized over 7 years at monthly cost of $18,000 which was less than the monthly maintenance costs they had been experiencing.

The HOA not only stopped the monthly cost of chasing leaks, they also reduced the monthly spend by capitalizing the investment in the ePIPE solution.

Board President of the Association stated, "The thing that made it easiest to convince homeowners that this was the right way to handle the project was the fact that it disrupted their life for just one day. By 5 in the afternoon, the homeowner has their water back on."

Why repipe when you can ePIPE?


Check out a video of the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puSsHkmSafs

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